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The Team

Charlotte Flatley

As a native New Yorker, Charlotte spent the first 18 years of her life eating nothing but H&H bagels and Chinese takeout. With a full stomach and an open mind, she packed her bags and moved to the land of haggis and deep-fried mars bars. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long for Charlotte to fall in […]

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Katharine Gemmell

Katharine is an English Literature student hailing from Glasgow. Coming to St Andrew’s was a difficult transition for her as people from school always thought she was posh, and in St Andrews, for the first time in her life, she was confronted with people who thought she was a bona fide ned (See: chav). This […]

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Sabine Denat

A 2nd year Art History student, Sabine likes to think that lectures on Michelangelo and Van Gogh have proved useful and given her somewhat of an understanding when it comes to designing flyers and cover photos for all of the fab STAR events. Her favourite things include Dachshunds (the dog) and Pitbull (the artist), as […]

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Jessy Stanley

Jessy is the the tech officer of STAR. She loves movies, and everything Rock & Roll, which explains why her two radio shows are on just that. When not on the airwaves or making sure the studio is up and running, she is preparing for the next Dungeons and Dragons adventure at DICE (the board […]

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Flora Rowe

Flora is our in house money manager who keeps track of all our spending. While she is also one of our greatest show hosts, Radio is not the only thing she fills her time with. A self-confessed busy bee, Flora never fails to double book herself but whenever she gets a free moment, you can […]

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Samantha Potter

Samantha is from Glasgow and in her final year studying International Relations. And yet, so close to completing her degree, her friends and relatives at home still have no clue what her degree entails and expect her to know the answer to any question about any country in the world. To most people, Samantha is […]

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